The Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank was founded in 1997 by Shaikh Ahmed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, a member of the Abu Dhabi royal family. In 2009, the bank’s IPO was one of the most successful in Abu Dhabi. The bank is based in Abu Dhabi, the capital and second busiest city in the United Arab Emirates. The bank offers a range of services including personal banking, corporate banking, treasury and trade finance, investment banking and venture capital.

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank is a leading investment bank which provides a range of financial services to individuals and corporate clients. This includes retail banking, corporate finance, investment banking, wealth management and treasury solutions. In 1999, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank was founded as a private company with a capital of US$8 million.

The Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Debit Card Facilities

Debit Card Facilities
Many banking institutions in Abu Dhabi have been providing debit card facilities to its customers for some time now. The customer has the opportunity to gain access to their funds and withdraw cash from an ATM at any given moment and there is also a considerable sense of security through this platform as it prevents phone or internet hacking.

Instant Updates
Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) has undergone tremendous growth in their services. ADIB is now one of the largest financial institutions in the United Arab Emirates and the largest in the country’s capital city. The institution has also become one of the largest in the region, with total assets exceeding AED 1.2 trillion at end-2016, making it one of the 100 largest banks worldwide by asset size.

Salary Sorter
It is one of the largest banks in the country, with about 1/3 of its assets being invested abroad. It has over 4,000 employees spread across its many branches throughout the region. One of these branches is their headquarters located in Abu Dhabi, which employs 1,000 people. Salary sorters are typically assigned to sorting out discrepancies in banking records.

The Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Cash Withdrawals

Cash Withdrawals
Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) has announced that it will allow up to 100,000 AED ($27,000 USD) of cash withdrawals per month. ADIB has also announced that it will be reducing the current withdrawal limit of 50,000 AED ($13,000 USD) by half. The new withdrawal limit is now 25,000 AED ($6,500 USD).

Extra Feature

Tracking Your Spending
Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) has announced that it will start tracking customers’ spending via their debit cards to help them achieve their financial goals. ADIB said it is the first bank in the UAE to offer clients the chance to track their spending through an online portal, which they can access from a PC or mobile phone. Customers are able to view where they spent money, how much they spent, and for what.

Cash Withdrawal Fees
Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank has seen a rise in customers withdrawing cash in place of using debit cards in recent years. This is because the cash withdrawal fees are lower than the purchase fees for debit transactions. The bank offers free withdrawals at its ATMs to non-members, but charges for withdrawals to members. Non-members are charged AED 5 per withdrawal while members are charged AED 10 per withdrawal.

Card Replacement Fees
Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) has introduced additional card replacement fees for customers whose cards are lost or stolen. ADIB is the first bank in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to implement this new policy. The card replacement fee is now AED 100, which is around $28 USD. ADIB is making the changes to ensure safer transactions and to encourage customers not to let their cards go missing.

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