The DekaBank In Germany

DekaBank is a German bank headquartered in Frankfurt. It was created from the fusion of the two large state-owned banks Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank in 1999. It has been a joint stock company since its foundation, with joint ownership by the states of Germany, City of Frankfurt am Main, and other public bodies. In 2017, DekaBank had a balance sheet size of €485 billion and it employs around 27,000 people across its 3,600 branches.

DekaBank is a German bank that has over 400 branches in the country and employs over 28,500 banking professionals. The bank offers investment advice to their clients, along with loans for individuals and businesses. They have also partnered with other banks, insurances companies, and pension funds to offer extra services to their customers. DekaBank is one of the most popular banks in Germany because of its strong focus on international investments.

Debit Card Facilities
DekaBank, a German bank, has established an online banking service called DekaBank Online. The service is available for both businesses and individuals through the web and mobile app. Customers can send and receive money, pay bills, transfer funds, track account balances and more. They can also use their Debit card for cash withdrawals at participating banks in Germany or some ATMs abroad.

Instant Updates
DekaBank (Germany) launched their new instant updates service, Deka Realtime. This service provides customers with access to their balances and account information in real-time. The instant updates are available to both personal and corporate clients of the bank. Maintaining an account is no longer required for the Deka Realtime service as it can be accessed via web-browsing or mobile devices.

Salary Sorter
DekaBank is a German bank that provides banking services to private and corporate customers. The banks main office is in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. It is the largest savings bank in Germany with over 9 million customers and total assets of €359 billion. Deka Bank has been rated as one of Germany’s safest banks due to its conservative approach and strict risk management policies. Employees at DekaBank are sorted into salary brackets according to their position and responsibility level.

The DekaBank In Germany, Cash Withdrawals

Cash Withdrawals
DekaBank is a German bank that offers cash withdrawal services. They have over 2,000 branches throughout Germany and over 250 in Austria. DekaBank is also one of the top 40 banks in Europe. There are two types of DekaBank accounts, the DekaClassic account and the DekaCash account. The former caters to private customers while the latter caters to small businesses, self employed professionals, and freelancers.

Extra Feature

Tracking Your Spending
Germany’s largest online bank, DekaBank, has created a new app that will allow users to track their spending. The free app is available for Android and iOS devices and is designed to be used in conjunction with current banking apps. The app will use data from the user’s existing account to show in real time where money is spent every day, in what amounts, and how much of their budget is being spent on bills or luxuries.

Cash Withdrawal Fees
In the past year, DekaBank has experienced a substantial increase in customers withdrawing cash from their bank accounts to avoid ATM fees. Currently, customers need to pay 1 euro for every withdrawal at an ATM outside of the Deutsche Bank network. As a result, DekaBank is considering imposing a 0.5% charge on all withdrawals made outside of Deutsche Bank ATMs in order to cover the cost of expenses incurred when processing these transactions.

Card Replacement Fees
DekaBank provides banking services in Germany. DekaBank offers card replacement fees for lost, damaged or expired cards. The fee is €5 per card and the fee is waived if the customer is under 18 years old; for small bonuses (i.e. free coffee); and for customers with a premium account at DekaBank. Germany’s DekaBank offers card replacement fees for lost, damaged or expired cards.

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